Autumn Food

God gives us plants for the different seasons of the year, our bodies need different food, according to the weather.

By eating plants, we take into our bodies the very elements of the earth we need for the building up of the human body.  The easiest and most digestible food is fresh fruits and vegetables. The organs are not overworked, because every mineral and is in its natural state, as God intended it. When we take live food into our bodies, in the form of raw fruits and vegetables, we are taking life into our bodies and we are getting food for both our spiritual and our physical body.

With Fall, there is a feeling of coolness in the air. Nature gives us food to help us cope with this situation. Fall food has just the right amount of minerals, salts and vitamins needed to prepare our bloodstream for the cold weather which is to follow, and to be able to take the little cold fall blasts and the varied temperature of the day, which goes from cool to warm to cool again. The sturdier, firmer types of apples ripen. Pears of a firmer nature, tubers and starch vegetables are given us in abundance to take us through this wonderful fall season. Our God is good, He gives us a diet on which we can feel our best.     Just What is the Word of Wisdom? by Dr. John R. Christopher

I know that we are to the end of Autumn, so next week I will write about winter food.

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