Frankincense and Myrrh in the Bible

There are numerous references to essential oils and herbs in the Bible.  Some precious oils such as frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop, cassia, cinnamon and spikenard were used for anointing and healing of the sick.  The three wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child.  Research shows that frankincense and myrrh are two of the most powerful immune-stimulating substances available, containing very high amounts of immune stimulating properties. Myrrh and Frankincense are botanically related.  They are both valuable essential oils.

FRANKINCENSE- Exodus 30:34; Leviticus 2:1-2, 15, 16; 5:11; 6;15; 24:7; Numbers 5:15; 1 Chronicles 9:29; Nehemiah 13:5; Song of Solomon 3:6; 4:6, 14: Matthew 2:11; Revelation 18:13.

MYRRH-Genesis 37:25, 43:11; Exodus 30:23; Esther 2:12; Psalm 45:8; Proverbs 7:17: Song of Solomon 1:13; 3:6; 4:6, 14; 5:1, 5, 13; Matthew 2:11; Mark 15:23; John 19:30.

-Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart

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