The Power of Forgiveness

I love to hear stories of people who have gone through abuse, forgiven their perpetrators and then gone on to live great lives, teaching others about love and forgiveness.

Corrie Ten Boom in her book, The Hiding PlaceĀ tells how her sister Betsie was so forgiving. Corrie spoke to people about forgiveness and then she saw a former SS man who had stood guard at Ravensbruck. With the help of Jesus, she was able to hold out her hand in forgiveness to him.

Elizabeth Smart is another great example of forgiveness. She was kidnapped from her home at age 14 and abused every day for nine months but amazingly she forgave her kidnappers and is speaking out for children who have been kidnapped.

Another great example of forgiveness is Chris Williams, whose wife, unborn child and 2 children were killed by a drunk driver. He forgave the drunk driver and has taught other people to forgive.

Forgiveness is not easy but when we forgive, we release a heavy burden from ourselves.

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