What Is Your Body Telling You?

When we have been injured or sick our body is giving us a message. It is up to us to figure out the message. After I sprained my ankle then I was extra careful while I was walking. I realized that I needed to strengthen my ankle muscles.

When we are diagnosed with a chronic illness our body is also telling us something. People who are diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis are ones who are generally on the go, always have things to do and do not want to slow down. Chronic fatigue or Multiple Sclerosis slows them down. Multiple Sclerosis slowed me down. Now I think more of what is the best, most important things for me to do and try to always do something fun, too. Migraines have also taught me to slow down and to take care of myself. Sometimes when I am laying in bed with a lot of pain from a migraine, I have inspiration and insights come to me.

Find out what your body is telling you with your aches and pains.

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